PVC coated traditional style waterproofs, sometimes called oil skins, are quite simply the best waterproof clothing available.

They are not breathable like Gortex so are not suitable for walking long distances, but they are perfect for boat fishing.

The main quality of PVC waterproofs is the whole outer material is totally water tight, it is PVC coated. Water has no option but to run off this material, the fabric cannot get soaked.

Even good quality Gortex will eventually stop "beading" the water and become wet on the outside or leak at the seams. Heavy duty PVC such as the 540g type does not leak, I've been using it for four years now.

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Lower gram coatings will be just as waterproof but will likely split or wear in time. I found the 540g coating to be very durable, no seam leakage at all.

A good quality flotation suit is the only equivalent but this is only suitable in winter temperatures, PVC can be worn in summer storms with just one layer underneath.

If I am not expecting heavy rain in the boat I will wear Gortex, but if I suspect proper rain then it will always be PVC, it hasn't let me down. The brand I chose was Ocean Rainwear, they provide a jacket, trousers or a bib and brace in the 540g range. They can be bought

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