I have used various rods in the past from well known manufacturers and they have been fine; but I wanted something a little nicer with a thinner blank yet retaining the strength and action required of a Pike rod. The problem I had was that I was using using two sets of rods, a set of 12 foot bank rods and a set of 10 foot boat rods. This meant that replacing both setups with custom hand made rods would be very expensive. Several friends suggested to look at Dave Lumb’s 11 foot P5 Predator rods and just have the one set.

The P5s were designed for both bank and boat use, effectively dual purpose. Judging by the numerous reviews and seeing DLST rods at the 2009 PAC convention I was easily convinced so I ordered a custom pair. I am very pleased with the build quality and especially the action of the rod; in both terms of casting and fish playing ability. The rods have had a fair bit of use now and I really would recommend them to anyone, having since bought a third. For me the P5s are a good compromise between a bank and a boat rod.

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“In terms of power this rod falls between a P-1 and a P3, as it does in length! Although just a bit too stiff in the tip for casting small, soft baits, (choose the P-2 for that job) the P-5 makes a real go-anywhere deadbaiting rod.

Originally designed for fishing medium to large deadbaits for pike on drains and rivers where being prepared to move can be crucial to success, I have also used the P-5 for boat fishing and from the bank on still waters where I either don't need maximum distance casting, or where I have to fish under overhanging trees.
Standard build is a little different to the rest of my range. The short handle (a couple of inches longer than on the P-2 etc.) is abbreviated Duplon with a 17mm DPS reel seat (which will actually accommodate a big pit reel), and Rover Ringing is standard. A cork handle and/or eight rings can be fitted at a small extra charge. No extra charge for a 30mm butt ring or low set BNOG guides.”

Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle

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My custom build specification

• 11 foot
• 2 piece
• 3 lb test curve
• 6 rings plus tip
• Rover Ringing
• 25mm butt / 10mm tip ring
• DLST P-5 blanks made by Harrison
• DPS Fuji reel seat
• Fuji BSVOG guides
• Full length cork handle
• Stainless steel button / collar

• “HECHTJÄGER” inscription 

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My fixed spool bait reel of choice is the Shimano Baitrunner range. My models are the Shimano Baitrunner 4500B, very robust early style baitrunners based on the first SeaSpin baitrunner. Mine are loaded with 65 lb Power Pro braid.
“As the name suggests, Shimano’s ground-breaking Baitrunner threadline was designed with bait fishing in mind. The body is made of light-weight and non-corrosive graphite, there’s an aluminium spool with a line keeper clip, three A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, stainless steel spool shafts, collapsible handle assemblies, as well as waterproof, heat dissipating front drags with non-centring bails.

But it’s the baitrunner function that has endeared these reels to anglers. Imagine a fish picking up a live or dead bait - completely unaware that there is anything suspicious about it - with the baitrunner mechanism keeping just enough tension to control the line prior to the strike. Flick the lever or turn the handle, lift the rod and the fight is on! There’s also a tension adjustment knob at the rear of the reel that takes care of active live baits or when fishing in strong currents.
The Shimano Baitrunner B series comes in three traditional sizes of the 3500, 4500 and the larger 6500 model.”

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Shimano Baitrunner B features:

• Graphite Frame
• Graphite Rotor (3500 & 4500 models only)
• Aluminium Rotor (6500 model only)
• Die-cast Aluminium Spool
• Flat T-Type Rubber Handle Grip
• 3 x A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
• 1 x Roller Bearing
• Baitrunner
• Waterproof Drag
• Dyna Balance
• Power Roller II
• Super Stopper II
• Gear Ratio 6500B 4.2:1
• Gear Ratio 4500B 4.8:1
• Line Capacity 6500B 20lb 270 yds, 25lb 230 yrds, 30lb 185 yrds
• Line Capacity 4500B 14lb 295 yds, 17lb 250 yds, 20lb 195 yds

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